Kiewa TV Commercials - Is this guy local?

The actor we cast for our Kiewa TV Commercials is Adam Rowland. Adam is an actor, singer, guitarist, TV & Radio presenter. He is best known for his work on Neighbours(1985), Preacher (2016), and The Bounty of Thomas Reeves (2018). Adam currently lives in Melbourne, but his home town is Albury, New South Wales.

Does Kiewa Milk actually come from the Kiewa Valley?

The Kiewa Country brand was purchased by the Kyvalley Dairy group in 2017. Since that time the milk has been collected daily from the Kiewa Valley and transported to our processing facility in Kyabram Vic. The milk is then processed and packed into the famous Kiewa Country packaging and transported back to our loyal customers.

Does Kiewa Iced Coffee and Chocolate come in larger sizes?

Our Kiewa flavoured chocolate and iced coffee milk currently come in 500ml bottles. We are endeavoring to get the flavours into larger bottles also, that way you will be sure to keep your fridge stocked with your favourite chocolate and iced coffee flavoured milk.

Are Kiewa flavoured milks still made with the same recipe?

Part of our strategy in the preservation of the Kiewa Country brand heritage is to ensure that the product range is as authentic and close to the original as possible. We follow the traditional Kiewa recipes when formulating all our flavoured milk.

Who is Kyvalley Dairy Group?

Kyvalley Dairy Group is one of Australia’s largest family owned dairy businesses supplying innovative fresh milk products. More information can be obtained here.